Learning Disabilities Association of Oregon
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Educational Resourcesfor Adults & Children
Wise Choice Educational Solutions, Inc Specializes in working with adults and children with learning disabilities.  
We are a multi-disciplinary team believing that every  individual is unique and can be taught the strategies  and skills necessary to live a life filled with inner peace joy and wisdom for living self-confidently. We offer specialized programs designed to enhance the whole person and maximize their potential so that each individual can contribute to their community. For more information click here.


Offer for Membership

The best material I have found on how to help people with Learning Disabilities is in the Learning Disabilities of America Monthly Newsletter.  How you receive this is by signing up for the Oregon Learning Disabilities Association of America. I would like to pass this great information on to you. If you sign up during June, July or August, we at Wise Choice Educational Solutions will subsidize your membership by 10%.  (This means your annual cost for 12 months will be only $45.)  This will make you a member in the Oregon Learning Disabilities Association.  Which gives you access to a great number of resources.

For your low cost membership offer download an
LDA Registration Form.  Remember to do this before then end of summer if you want this 10% discounted fee.  Just put OFFER on the registration form and we will pay the additional costs for you to join.

When you become a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of American and any of the State Branches; you will receive vaulable information with newsletters, referrals and LDA Meetings.

Click here to download the 
LDA Membership Form

Click here to pay for services provided by LDA Oregon Chapter. Dont have a PayPal Account? Thats ok! You can register as a "Guest."

The LDA of Oregon is currently being 
held and registered at Wise Choice Educational Solutions. Please contact The LDA of Oregon at the following:

10175 SW Barbur Blvd #204B
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 997-3181

Also visit the Learning Disabilities Association of America's website for more general information:


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